How to get to the WCK operation in Przemśyl and be prepared to contribute

Przemśyl is 8,037 km from Calgary. It is also 8 hours ahead of us. To get there, I will fly to Amsterdam departing Fri at 3:20 pm. Arriving at 7:50 am Sat, I’ll (hopefully) make my connection to Warsaw with a brief 1 hr 50 min stopover . I then overnight in Warsaw and catch a 5:14 am train to Przemśyl. That 6 & 1/2 hr trip includes a 26 min stop in Krakow.

One of my biggest concerns is the time difference between home and Poland. To try and minimize the jet lag (medically labeled “Rapid Time Zone Change Syndrome”) and be the most useful during my time there, I plan to adjust my internal clock by going to bed and get up earlier on successive days leading up to the trip. I’m writing this at 5 am Mon morning for example. However, the Flames play the Oilers on Wed night, so my plan may have to be flexible.

4 thoughts on “Logistics

  1. Gary says:

    Wow Paul, this is amazing! We sit here with tremendous privilege and I respect your efforts to make a difference. I also love that you are sharing your journey, I hope it inspires other to find creative ways to support people in hardship.

    1. Sully says:

      Thanks Gary. I’m sure I’ll be better for it as well.

      All the best on the boat. Keep your head above water! Look forward to hearing/reading more of your exploits.



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